Its so strange and funny when you think about it. I mean its really amazing that the national capital, which is  known as a mecca of journalism and media industry, does not have enough and more jobs for the eager enthusiasts like me.

When I first shifted to Delhi three years back, I was really excited about everything. Well!!! I had just got married and my whole life had taken a new turn (whether for good or bad is quite debatable. Yes even today). Anyways,  everything was bright, rosy and relatively new. Actually mine was an arranged marriage and Nitin (my darling hubby) had hardly met before we tied the knot. I very happily assumed that I could rest for a while before I start searching for a job. But I was in for a bit surprise. I was informed by my husband that finding a job in Delhi is not easy in Delhi.

Obviously I never really listened to him and when I myself out for job hunting how I right he was. Anyways after months of turmoil, hard work and pain and I was finally alnded witha job. I thought chalo ab chain ki saans lainge But my bad luck fopllowed me and within a month the floor