The Lord Buddha as he is reverentially known was conceived on Vaisakha Poornima, born on Vaisakha Poornima, attained Nirvana or became the enlightened one on Vaisakha Poornima and finally attained Mahaparinirvana on Vaisakha Poornima.

It all sounds amazing but the fact remains that sages are born and not created. The story of how Buddha came into this world is really amazing.

According to the legend, queen Mahamaya had a dream that a white elephant with six tusks has entered her body from the side. The king invited brahmin astrologers to predict the dream. They predicted that the queen will give birth to son who will become a sage. Imagine the king’s dilema. He tried his best to protect the young prince from every bad sight, however, no one dares to go againt destiny and the young prince became aware that there is beyond the life he is living.

So he sets on his path to find the answers. ANd finally at the age of 35 years he becomes the BUDDHA — the ENLIGHTENED ONE. One who knows everything and has all the answers.

Reading the life of BUDDHA is life changing.