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Considering the pollution levels in any city around the world I feel it is hundred times better to live in a country.


These days fresh air, greenery and other wonders of nature are conspicuously absent from the city and living in a country will offer all these wonders of nature in abundance. Also living in a country has various other benefits like – easy laid back life, more family time, and more opportunities for outdoor activities like horse riding among other things.


Although for some one who has been used to live in a city can find it really difficult to make a shift from city to country for various reasons like the difference in lifestyles of city and country, however if you think about the long term benefits you may change your mind. So let’s have a look at the benefits of living in the country.


1. Laid back life: No rushing in the mornings to catch the train or bus to reach office in time else you get caught in the morning rush hour. Relax! And enjoy your morning cuppa before you get ready to face the world.


2. Family bonding: Yes, that is another benefit of living in the country. Living in the country gives you enough time to spend with your family doing either the chores or just going for riding or any other thing that you can find. Living in the city as it is becomes so hectic that you don’t feel like extra time with your family.


3. Health benefits: Living in the greens, with the greens and by the greens is a perfect route to healthy life. Fresh air is good for your overall being more so in the mornings if you go for a walk, jog, or horse riding. In addition to that


4. Peaceful surroundings: Another biggest advantage of living in the country is the peaceful surroundings, which is not possible while living in the city. Whatever time you sit at your porch stoop, close your eyes and listen you will only hear the nature sounds like chirping of crickets, birds singing, wind rustling through trees, cow mooing and if you really listen you can even hear a some of the sounds coming from your neighbour’s home. No blaring horns of the vehicles, no neighbours fighting or any unpleasant noise in the country.


5. Open spaces: One thing you will love about the country will be the wide open spaces for children to run and play for. Since living in the country implies that you don’t have to live in apartments, flats or condominiums your children will have more open spaces to play. In addition to that there will be no restrictions on keeping a pet dog. And your dog will also appreciate open spaces as they love to run and play.


6. Safety concerns: Cities are becoming unsafe for children of all ages. If young children have a threat from perverts then teens are not safe what with knife crime on the rise, living in the country you don’t have to bother where your child is playing.


7. Clean air: No industrial pollution, no smog to smear the sky, only clear blue skies in the morning and a wonderful view of stars twinkling with the moon shining in the night is a view that greets people every day and night living in the country. People living in the country breathe in the clean air and don’t worry about breathing problems gripping the city folks.

Hence I would say that living in the country is much better than living in a city.