Usually Sunday is a day of family time and some fun, however if there is some occasion attached to it then it becomes all the more special.  Second Sunday of June is that special Sunday, as it allows us a chance to show our love, appreciation and respect to that special man in our life who is responsible for bringing us in this world – our fathers.


The early memories of my childhood are of my paternal home in Agra where I was born and spent some of my childhood. Papa was an Army Officer and during my birth and even much after that he was engaged in some Petroleum courses conducted by Indian Army. Hence he used to be out a lot either on long-term or short term petroleum courses. But even then when he was with us he used to play with us a lot.

A man of few words, papa always encouraged us to learn things by exploring and researching rather than memorising without understanding. For instance if we asked for a meaning of any word instead of telling us directly he would refer us to a dictionary. But did his job ended there? No, I guess he knew his kids better than we thought he did. So after we have seen the meaning there was a follow up session of “so what is the meaning? How do you pronounce it and where can you use the word again,” he would ask.

In fact, if we ever try to cheat him by saying that yes we have seen the meaning, he would ask us to bring the dictionary to him and show him where the word is – only because he knew that we have not looked up the word in the dictionary. He always said that one who can read the dictionary will always have rich vocabulary, as there are so many words we would not look up in the dictionary otherwise. It is because of him that I love to read a dictionary thus adding words to my vocabulary.

And today, whatever I am, I owe it to him. It is because of his efforts that I am a writer today, and so all I want to say is I Love You Papa you are simply the best!