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When we think about the word Art, usually the images that come to mind are that of paintings in various medias — oil, water, poster, and acrylic among others. However, ART is much more than that.

Art is a visual expression of one’s emotions either on paper (drawings/sketches), canvas (paintings), clay, plaster of Paris (sculptures) and mixed media that includes creation of art using waste materials like used coke cans, plastic tubes among other things.

When an artist creates an art for himself/herself, he/she is trying to find a spiritual solace in that piece. Art to different people would mean different things for instance for a writer — writing is an ART, for a musician — his music is an ART and for a dancer — dancing is an art, for a chef — cooking is an art. So basically everything and anything is an ART.

Yes, even parenting is an art for you are always shaping your young one when you teach him about values, ethics and principles. Hence rejoice in the world of ART for ART is everywhere.

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