After reading two reviews of the same movie I realised that unless the reviews have been written by a critic or by person who knows how to give unbiased views, you must never judge the movie by a review. For a regular movie-goer the fate of the review will depend on his//her liking. If he/she likes the movie – the movie becomes good and God forbid if they don’t like the movie then they may even scrap a good movie as well.

I guess the movie reviewing is an art that needs a little bit knowledge of everything including the strength of screenplay, angles shot, music, dialogue delivery, length/importance of the role, glamour quotient, among numerous other things. For I feel that unless you understand the implications of your written review, you must refrain from writing one, because for you it may be a fun thing to do but for some it may harm them more if you have not written an unbiased review.

As an audience you have full right to criticise the movie if you feel that it was not a paisa wasool performance, however, as a person who is doing a movie review, you can’t just say that the performances were not worth the money. Here you are a responsible person with a responsibility of providing some clear facts about the movie to the audience and let them decide for themselves. I had read it somewhere that a good critique includes all the good and bad points of a film and then let audience decide whether or not they want to see the movie in theatres.

Person reviewing the movie should not include his/her personal likes and dislikes while giving or writing a review or in dire cases when one needs to include the personal favourites comment then subtlety is the key. A good review will always leave you with a good feeling, even if it is trashing the movie left, right and centre and a bad review – well you know what it will do. So in case you are planning to write a review  do keep in mind that there are people who go to the theatres to watch their favourite stars, to them it doesn’t matter how the movie will fare at the box-office. Hence keeping those sensibilities in my mind be a neutral reviewer and soon you will have people hanging on to your every review.

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