So they have done it again… Politicians (no not leaders, they are not leaders for they don’t know the meaning of the word) so they are politicians who will do everything in their power to retain their supremacy (call it Kissa Kursi Ka) to rip apart the country and rule on its different parts.

When Brits ruled us at least we knew we had to fight the outsiders and send them packing, but how do we fight our own clan who are ready to stoop to any level just to retain their powers or stay in ruling.

Is there any single person who can be called as a leader either in Congress or BJP? I doubt! it’s all about I, Me and Myself syndrome. First they made two states out of Uttar Pradesh (that was understandable as the single state was too huge to handle for security reasons) and now they have created another state Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. Wonder what they will do next or which state will be divided to bring in the 30th state.

Just wondering! This post has been inspired by the split as well as Shobha De’s tweet about Maharashtra and Mumbai.