It is that time of the year when we take time out to thank our friends who with their individuality have brought different shades and hues in our lives. And so today here I am dedicating an entire post to all my friends who have been a part of my life right from the time I started school till today.

The first person I befriended was Anmol George in Narangi, Assam. We both were Army officers’ daughters lived in a same colony, studied in same school and in the same class. At that time she was my best friend and we did lots of things together. But then as our fathers got posted to different destinations we lost touch and for years she was a wonderful memory till we met again in Bangalore, when we both were in college. I could sense that lot of time has passed and things are not same between us so though we talked there was a certain awkwardness. Hence I preferred to live with my initial memories of hers.

After Narangi, papa got posted in Delhi and here too I befriended many girls but the prominent ones – the ones with whom I used to hang around in school were – Swati Prakash, Archana (I don’t remember her last name) Ruchi Agarwal, Shalini Solanki, and Urvashi Dogra. Though I am still searching for them, I don’t have any clue where they are. But I wish them love, luck and happiness wherever they are. Oh Yes! I know that Swati is in Mumbai and has become a celebrity in her own right.

This was something about my school friends, but there was one special person I befriended where I was staying and her name is Sunanda Sharma. A year senior to me, she was in the same school but a class ahead, nonetheless we got along pretty well. Yes, we did meet again and tried keeping in touch as well, but then we again lost touch. Hey Sunanda never a day passes when I don’t think about you, especially on your birthday and on your anniversary because that was the day I was born.  

Another friend who is dear to my heart and who is like a sister is Teja Lele Desai – a wonderful person, and a great friend she is perfect example of modern woman with traditional values. Interestingly I met her in Baroda (Gujarat) and that time it was her sister Pooja Lele, whom I befriended. Teja is three years my senior so for a girl studying in 8th standard – she was a didi, though we never referred to her as didi. It was years later that we met again and became such good friends. With her in my life I have never felt an absence of a sister for she is all rolled into one. Thank You for being a part of my life Teja and Pooja – my life would not have been the same without you girls.

It was during my college days that I befriended Pooja Chibber – I wonder where she is these days? She used to stay in Ahmedabad where my parents were staying when dad was posted there. Then of course there were college friends as well including Vaishali, Supriya, and Amarpreet. Then there were friends in the hostel. Diva was one such friend from my hostel. Wonder where they all are today? Pooja and I had lots of fun together whenever I came to Ahmedabad.

I forgot to mention friends I made at my workplace and I am still in touch with them. Shramana Ganguly Mehta,Rupam Jan Nair, Ojas Mehta, Chaitanya, Sonal Kellog, Binita Parikh are my friends from my Asian Age Days in Gujarat. Except for Rupam they all were my seniors and have watched me evolve as a writer.

And then there have been lots of friends after marriage as well with whom I share a good rapport and they are Surbhi Bhatia, Saumya Bhatia, Nawaid Anjum, Rajesh Ahuja, Anagha Bhambhri and Ruchi Gandhi Chawla. Then there are some friends from Bahrain as well with whom I had spent a year and there was a good bond between us and the names include Dhushyanti, Sindhu, Rachna and Ravi Kapilla among others I am in touch with all of them and wish them a very Happy Friendship Day through this post.

Of course there are numerous online friends that I have made through my blogging and writing groups and the names include Ronnie Dauber, Amy Shoutlz, Charlotte, Shail Mohan, Tikuli and many more.

To all my friends I just want to say thank you each of you for being a part of my life and enriching my life with your experiences and uniqueness. Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day – May you all be surrounded with good times, good friends and good cheers forever and always!