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A refreshing treat for art lovers in Mumbai, as an eminent artist Lambodar Naik presents his enchanting art show titled “The Expletive Inclinations” at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. The art show has been on since August 13th and will be on till August 19th, 2013.


Acrylic on Canvas

The current exhibition features paintings that emphasise Lambodar Naik’s belief of artist’s inner space being beautiful, deeper and vaster, as compared to this visual world. Naik feels that this inner space has its own environment that is different from all that surround a person in visual world and has a magic of its own. It is this unique environment that plays a major role in the art of painting. And apparently it is what that brings out a certain magic in Naik’s paintings.


Speaking about his childhood, Naik says that he has been an avid painter since he was a small kid, and now in his late fifties, he feels that his knowledge of art is all due to his post graduation education from Vishobharati University, Orissa. “I was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is basically a blockage in the heart and lungs, at the tender age of 11. And it was this fight for my life that has been my muse,” informs Naik. 

ImageBorn and brought up in Orissa, Naik is deeply influenced by the principles and workings of Hinduism and one can see this influence in his paintings as well. In fact his most in depth work from the current series is on the depiction of Kumbh Mela. He says, “The Kumbh Mela is against the basic principal of Hinduism, which is not to expect rewards from any work. However, people still flock there to wash their sins or ask for something. This amazes me as something against what Hinduism stands for gets thousands and thousands of devotees to visit each year!”


Talking about his favourite work of art, he says that each work of art is precious and favourite to an artist, as it comes out from the inner depths and get depicted on the canvas, or any other material artist choose to use. Naik does not restrict himself in the use of materials and prefers to use different materials for different expressions. Some of the common materials that he uses includes Easel painting in oil, acrylic, and water colours, Mural in mosaic and terracotta, Sculpture in plaster of Paris and  different metal casting among other things.

Being a part of the first ever Theosophical Society in India that fought for the Indian Freedom movement and was the first forum to fight for Women’s Education, Naik believes that the society has taught him about great masters of wisdom, their lives and teachings. “This was the new learning, new opening that I perhaps had been waiting for.. It inspired me to study, to introspect and to understand my own self and my insights. It helped me fathom the inner depths of my whole being, explore the instinctive, intuitive, artistic, emotional faculties inherent in me. This soul searching and self study helped me in delving deep in to my creative insights, which then eventually became the cause for the unfolding and flowing of my individuality as an artist,” says Naik.

His current show “Life without Targets is an aptly titled art show, which is an extension of Naik who has always imbibed one philosophy, to never keep any targets or expectations. He says, “People spend so much time chasing their targets/goals that they tend to ignore the small miracles of daily life.” Blaming the fast-paced life of current technology-driven world, he says that through this show he wanted to people to stop for a while and enjoy the little miracles that the life has to offer.

And keeping this aim in mind this art show is all about not keeping any targets and just enjoy some of the mundane experiences of life. “With the series of paintings at this art show I just wanted to present some of my observations about the smaller things in life like the smiling Rickshaw driver who drops one home every day and yet we forget to thank him or the silent gesture of a mother when she works tirelessly for less rewards and little appreciation,” explains Naik.  

Information for the readers

What:  Lambodar Naik’s Enchanting Art Show “The Expletive Inclinations”

Where: Art Gallery- 3,  Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

When: 13th- 19th August 2013