A beautiful and heart touching movie where a father-in-law comes forward for the remarriage of his widowed DIL.

Vishal Bheeroo

O’ Daughters of India!

There is not a day that passes when you don’t face abuse at the hands of sharks.

O’ beautiful baby girl’

You came into the world crying announcing your presence thinking it is a beautiful world.

As you grow up, your sport a cute and innocent smile with a twinkle in the eyes,

thinking there is hope in the world.

Woe betide you,

it is a big bad and ruthless world.

You dream of fulfillment yet you are met with vilest form of abuse, scathing attacks and violence.

As you grow up, you are faced with sexual violence as you feel dejected with the world.

There is no place for women as you struggle against all odds.

You must fight and carve an identity for yourself in our society.

Yet, they worship your various forms in temples.

When will we able to douse the fire?


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