Every year, (since the day I started blogging seven years back), I get to read lots of posts dismissing the importance of fasting for husbands’ long life and each year I think why is there such an hue and cry about the festival that is so dear to almost all the married ladies in northern India.


Yes, over the years even Karwa Chauth has become commercialised where husbands are expected to buy gifts for their fasting wives, traditionally this is not the case. Traditionally it is MIL and DIL who exchange gifts with each other. There are many educated women of present generation who want to keep the fast for their husbands even when it is not their custom just to be a part of the festival or maybe because they love their husbands.  Whatever their reason…

My reason for writing this post is that if you have an opinion about certain festival please do voice it out but please do keep in mind the sensitivities of fellow human beings for whom this fast is a way of reviving the married vows.

I have been keeping this fast for more than 13 years now. Three years prior to marriage and ten years of my married life and believe me even today after 10 years whenever I hear the song Le veero kudiye Karawara I get goosebumps on my skin and there is a sheen of moisture in my eyes. I may not say I Love You to my husband pretty often but the mere thought of anything untoward happening to him sends shivers down my spine and hence I pray for his well being. Maybe I am wrong! Maybe I am too old-fashioned! Maybe I am not as feminist (though I can’t stand any violence or ill-treatment to women) but then that’s ME.

So as a parting shot: Happy Karwa Chauth to all those who celebrate. And for those who don’t celebrate just rejoice in the festivities as it is a precursor to Diwali and other Indian festivals that are celebrated with great fervour in the country.Image