A good post on quirky junk houses in Detroit!

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Detroit is decrepit – there is no doubt about that. But in all the squalor and dilapidation, the Heidelberg Project stands out, as being one man’s vision to create something out of nothing but junk. Artist Tyree Guyton founded this project in 1986 as a creative response to the decay and poverty in the street he grew up on. The Heidelberg Project is all about art, energy and involvement.

We drove out one morning to the east side of Detroit looking for the Heidelberg Street. It’s pretty scary driving in this area, through deserted lots, abandoned dilapidated houses with windows barred up and an eerie silence on the streets.  As we approached the street we were a bit apprehensive about where to park, but fortunately for us there was plenty of parking available on the street itself and we could keep an eye on the car.

Heidelberg Street is a…

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