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Have we forgotten about her?

That one day when some of us were a little nostalgic about her, I found the social media obsessed with what is happening with Hrithik Roshan.

None on my timeline even remembered that on December 13, 1986, Bollywood lost one of its best talents ever – Smita Patil.

Even today there is a veil of mystery that surrounds her death.

Officially, it has been said that she died because of complications arising out of the birth of her only son.

However, different people at different points of time, have ascribed different reasons for her death.

Some years back, Smita Patil’s younger sister Manya Patil came on record and stated that she died because the people she loved most chose to break her heart.

Smita was a very emotional person who was too sensitive to the people around her. The constant criticism and the negativity thrown at her…

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