Having your own home is a dream each one of us nurtures. For some this dream can come true early in life and for some they have to wait for a substantial period of time to acquire what they call as their dream house. And once the keys of your dream house is in your hands you want to decorate it and make it a beautiful home – your home for your near and dear ones. So here are few easy steps to make your home look fresh, inviting and beautiful always and forever.

Colour schemes

Colours play a major role in making your home beautiful. Correct colour coordination can enhance the beauty of home multi-fold. Hence be extremely careful while choosing colours for your home. If you have any doubts about colour schemes then you may opt for consultancy at home by Asian Paints. They offer a varied range of colours and expert advice so that you can paint your dream home with the colours that you prefer or that suit your personality. Lemons, neutral colours like browns and beige are perfect for your living area or drawing room setting. Don’t go overboard with matching the wall colours with your furniture. Instead pick one common neutral colour and set your entire colour scheme on that one colour. If you have printed cushion sofa then go for bold curtains or draperies.

Paints for your interiors

After you have chosen the colour for your interiors it is important to choose the kind of paint you would like to have – for instance would you like to have distempers, Royale play or tractor emulsions for your interiors. Please do keep in mind that if you have a young child at home then you may opt for Royal Aspira, as it is easy to maintain and cleans easily, so no marks and blemishes on your walls. These days there are so many varieties of interior paints to choose from that one can get confused and this is where an expert’s advice is needed.

Paints for exteriors

While you are planning interiors don’t neglect exterior of your dream home, as it is the outer walls that have to face the brunt of extreme weather conditions – be it summer, winter, or rains – it is important to protect your outer walls with paints that form a shield on your walls and protect them from harsh weather. With a variety of paints available to choose from one can get confuse and that’s where Asian Paints like to step in and help its customers in creating a beautiful home.


Sleek, light-weight contemporary furniture also makes your home look beautiful because a cluttered home doesn’t represent beautiful home. So invest in furniture that is contemporary, easy to maintain and leaves room for cleaning and sweeping. Nothing can mar the beauty of your home than the dust under your sofa.

Decor items

Decor items like family photographs, beautiful vase, decorative candle stand, sturdy coffee table or side table with statue of Lord Ganesha or your favourite deity not only adds a personal touch to your home but also make it look beautiful. However, do remember to keep it clean by dusting else it will fail its purpose of being attractive.

Fresh flowers arrangement

Fresh flowers not only add to the beauty but also radiate fragrance that keeps your home smelling fresh! Go for seasonal flowers and the ones that bloom for a longer period. If you love roses, go for different varieties of it, as it will not only add colour but also keep your home fragrant. While putting the roses into the vase of clean water remember to cut its stem in cross-section so that the flower stays fresh for a long time.

Apart from this you may add your personal touch like create something of your own and put up as a decoration it could be a collage of family pictures, an embroidered wall hanging, wall hanging created out of broken ceramics, bangles and other things. There are huge options to create your beautiful dream home and Asian Paints with its expert advice just makes it a bit easier.