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Are you ready to tickle your taste buds with some delicious authentic Lebanese cuisine? Are you tired of eating shawarmas that are being sold off the street in the name of original Shawarma? Then come to Shawarma Point to experience the real taste of shawarmas and other Lebanese dishes that are light on stomach, and high on tasteFALAFEL SHAWARMA

The menu has an extensive list of dishes ranging from juicy chicken shawarmas to nutritious salads that are infused with herbs to not only enhance the taste but also to provide certain health benefits. Talking about the Shawarma Point, Shubham – one of the three directors says, “Shawarma Point is an innovative product launched by Star Innovations & Services Private Limited and the Main Idea to launch Shawarma Point is to bring the World’s healthiest & tasty Lebanese Cuisine to India at affordable price, without compromising on the quality and authenticity.”



Talking about the currently available shawarmas as the roadside he says that those are not authentic shawarmas instead they are chicken pieces wrapped in a romali roti with sauces and spices to pass it on as an authentic shawarma. “Currently operating from four locations in Delhi and NCR region namely in New Friends Colony, Kirti Nagar, GIP Mall Noida, and Rohini, the Shawarma Point is the only QSR that offers original Arabic Shawarma at affordable prices,” says Shubham.
Start your meal with some Lentil Soup orShorbat Adas as it is known in Arabic, then move on to the deliciousFattoush salad, which has been dressed up with extra virgin Olive oil, is aLeventine bread salad made from toasted pita, green and seasonal vegetables that has been infused with herbs to give you a distinctive lemony flavour that stays with you long after you have eaten the salad. The non-vegetarian variety includes marinated grilled chicken. For all those who want to savour everything on the menu going for platters is your best bet, as it has everything in sampling quantity yet is enough for a person to satiate his hunger pangs.


Non-veg Platter

Apart from platters, the restaurant offers some scrumptious varieties of shawarmas that will make you ask for more. If you are a non-vegetarian then a must try is the chicken shawarma or the Doner Kebab as it is known in Europe, is a marinated chicken baked in authentic Lebanese spice, rolled up in the local Saj bread and served with equally delicious garlic sauce. (Add the picture here Shawarma) And if you are the type who loves to hog on to rice then Special Arabic Chicken Biryani or Tawayeh Lahem Chicken is a must try for you. Cooked in a roasted chicken, the biryani is a healthy Lebanese combination of basmati rice with ragi, whole wheat millets, certain herbs served with deliciously flavoured raita.

Talking about the cuisine, Shubham says, “Lebanese cuisine is a healthy cuisine, as there is not much of deep frying, only roasted or baking are the methods used to prepare dishes. This apart, the oil used is also extra virgin olive oil and the herbs used in the dishes have medicinal properties.” Further he says that there is one base kitchen, which has been equipped with world-class equipments and all the Items are prepared in this base kitchen and then transported through temperature controlled trucks to preserve the original taste.
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The base kitchen