Talking about Art and culture and not talking about our Bollywood is like talking about dal with all the ingredients except salt. So B is for Bollywood for this blog. Bollywood since a century has been an indispensible part of Indian culture depicting our society the way it has been to the way it has evolved over the years.

In the initial years Bollywood had defined roles for everyone be it a villain, a hero, a heroin or a vamp and then a host of character actors. This apart, there was a clear distinction of Art cinema and a commercial cinema back in those days! However, as this Hindi film industry neared its century, it began experimenting with bolder themes and women-oriented subjects. Movies were made on real issues and stories, with little fiction and drama and no glamour because real life has no time for glamour per se.

And with these movies, movie-goers felt that Bollywood is also stepping out of its comfort zone of love stories, action-packed movies or plain simple family dramas wherein a cruel Mother-in-law keeps a tight control on her sons and their wives or scheming daughter-in-laws tactfully control their husbands and throw out their mother –in-laws. Movies like No one killed Jessica were made and appreciated by both masses and classes and critics alike.

However, this didn’t mean that Bollywood was not churning out commercial movies like Dabbang, Policegiri, and Dhoom series where fantasy ruled the script and no stone was left unturned to create these movies. The success rates of these movies show that no matter how harsh the reality we all do need some escape from time to time.

So B is for Bollywood – our own house of entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.