E is for E-cards that have replaced the initial excitement of going to Archies or Hallmarks to buy a regular card and then adding your handwritten note to wish near and dear ones a – happy birthday, anniversary or anything you wanted to wish them. But today with the onset of online cards shoppe there are numerous options to choose from and send the appropriate card to your loved ones.

Yes, it’s easy! After all, it is just a click away and whoosh your card is sent. But wait a minute what about your feelings that you wanted to convey in the card apart from the printed text! Well there is a section where you can write your feelings. Hmm! Somehow I am not convinced. You see I am from on old school thought who believes that nothing can beat the handwritten card (not that I am not guilty of sending an e-card) but then there are some people who don’t appreciate the efforts of handwritten card and feel that is total time and money waste. Well each of us has our personal opinions. And I am of the opinion that nothing can beat the handwritten note even if it not written on one of those fancy cards available in the market.

In fact it is your creativity and the thoughts behind the message that is what touches the heart of the receiver and enlightens their day and lives. So next time when you are tempted to send an e-card think twice and just send a plain handwritten note instead believe me your friends, family and spouse will appreciate that.