F is for Food an intrinsic part of any culture, and festivals. In fact in India no celebration is deemed complete till there is no food. Whether it is a marriage ceremony, birth ceremony, mundane or any other ceremony one can think of, there has to be a provision of lunch if it is a day ceremony or dinner if it’s a night function.

Can we ever imagine our festivals without the elaborate feast that adorns our dining tables when the entire family has gathered together to celebrate? With Chaitra Navratras coming to an end there was a traditional prasad of puri halwa and chhole that is no less than a feast. Whether it is an elaborate feast or a simple food every culture has its unique preparation for the festivities.

In fact if you talk to a seasoned traveller the first he will tell you that if you have to know a place e then do go and taste its local food and not in the five star hotel or a fine dining restaurant taste it from local roadside vendor because they will give you the real taste of the place. There is no doubt about that. Why you may ask? Well for starters fine dine restaurants and five star hotels cater to the guests who have certain developed tastes and they don’t believe in too much experimenting either with their taste or their cuisine. But then food is all about experimenting and coming up with your own variations.

Though it is an important part of festivities it is a s basic a necessity as a clean environment or a home to live in. So be thankful of the food on your plate if you are blessed with it on your plate because there are people who sleep on empty stomach night after night.