G is Gujarat – a western state in India! Gujarat is renowned for numerous things and the prominent ones include its Cotton Textiles, its Home Science College, its vibrant culture, embroidery and of course AMUL factory – that started the milk revolution in the country and that gave occupation to countless women who otherwise had to travel to faraway places to earn a decent living for their families.

The state has been through a lot form drought to floods to riots to massive development in some of its major cities thus inviting tourists from all over the world. Another thing Gujarat is popular for is its Kite flying culture, which is evident in its International Kite Festival held on January 14, 2014. The love of kites is visible in its Kite museum where you will find kites of every shape and size. And talking about culture how can I forget the enthralling garba performances for which Gujarat is so popular.

I remember the first time we went to Gujarat was when I was to start my eighth grade and dad got posted to Baroda. Brother and I searched the place on our Atlases and read about it in the books available on travel to us. But we were definitely not prepared for a state (after Delhi of course) where there were no restrictions on women about coming home on time (women safety). Simple and friendly people greeted is wherever we went and we were touched so much so that mom and dad decided to come back to the state post the retirement and today they are settled in Ahmedabad.

Anyway, that’s not what I intend to talk here, what I wanted to highlight here is Gujarat as a tourist destination catering to the needs of every traveller. If you are interested in history there are museums, of you want to get acquainted with the culture of Gujarat then there is a cultural festivals and walks that talk about the history to its present. Gujarat is one of the few states that have despite its massive development has not left its cultural values behind and revels in them with Pride!

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So it is definitely GUJARAT for G!