H is for Havelis and also Haunted Places in India! I have always been fascinated with both ancient Havelis, which reverberates with a life of their own and well haunted places also do have a charm of their own. A part of history dead, buried and forgotten in the ancient edifices of glory and royal grandeur. You just have step into some to the popular havelis around India to know what I mean or you have to spend a night at one of the haunted places in India to have a spooky experience.

Anyway, when we talk about havelis in India, Rajasthan is the first and foremost name that comes to a mind of any traveller or a person who loves art and heritage. It’s richly decorated palaces and impressive havelis with balconies that are framed with stunning lace-like stone carvings, evoke the glory of the royal grandeur. The Havelis of old-Delhi take us back to the days of Mughals and Mirza Ghalib.

Moving on to the haunted places India, I don’t remember exactly when I became fascinated with ghosts, spirits, haunted houses and voodoo dolls. Must be an article in one of the reader’s digest about a living Voodoo doll that prompted me to search further on the topic and when I researched I was engrossed. Result is this post on haunted places in India. Though I don’t believe in ghosts per se but then I do believe that there are spirits everywhere around us. They can be good or bad depending on the way they left for their heavenly abode.

So some of the haunted places that I would like to visit include Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan, (I have heard and read a lot about it hence would like to spend a a night there just to experience the spookiness myself, CRAZY??? Yeah I know!), Dumas Beach in Gujarat is another place I would love to visit to have a spooky experience. In fact there are so many haunted places in India that if you make list it will never end.

P.S. Do watch out for a detailed and a separate post on both havelis and haunted places of India at a later stage