Terminus1 (1)I have always believed that food and travel go hand in hand and that as a traveller your journey is not deemed complete if you didn’t savour the local dishes and indulged yourself in the street foods of that place and as a foodie your journey will not be completed if you didn’t travel to all obscure places in search of new food item to tickle your taste buds. Hence when I got an invite to review the restaurant Terminus 1 at Vasant Kunj, my first thought was – here is someone else who thinks like me and during my visit to the restaurant and in conversation with the chef I realised that I was not wrong. So what should you expect from this restaurant named Terminus 1. Well! A total unique and different experience and food that travels from all over the world to reach your table! You need to visit the restaurant to experience the magic at Terminus 1.Terminus1 (2)

From the moment you enter the restaurant to the time you have ordered your meal is like a one big journey. So whatever you have been doing before you entered the restaurant, forget that and take your seats, relax and fasten your seat belts and get ready to embark on a food journey at Terminus 1 – where food and people cross paths, putting on a pause button to savour the other things in life. So sit back and savour those moments with your loved ones as you all embark on a gourmet journey.

Grilled Sole@Terminus1As you get comfortable in your seats and open the menu card to order your meal, take in the design of the card that gives an impression of reading an atlas. And while you are still deciding on what to order savour some of the freshly baked breads accompanied with varieties of spreads and butter to tickle your taste buds. We ordered Thai Chilli Chicken, Pan smeared fish cakes and Grilled Pork Skewers with Thai Chilli Remoulade for the starters. Thai Chilli Chicken as the name suggested was spicy enough had a delicious aroma and was tender enough to melt in your mouth. Spicy chThai Chilli Chicken @Terminus1unks of chicken cooked with sweetened sauces makes Thai Chilli Chicken worth a try. But if you are a foodie and want to relish the various flavours that touch your palette before the delicious mouth melting fish cake then Pan seared fish cakes are an absolute must for you.

But wait! How could I forget the delicious salads and soup that we had before savouring the mouth watering starters I mentioned above. Give a healthy and a perfect start to your food journey with Maftoul and Ceaser salads. Maftoul Salad I was told was already maMaftoul Salad@Terminus1king waves with foodies for its sumptuousness and subtle flavours. It was indeed delicious and the flavours were merged together yet they retained their individuality. I had to order ceaser salad not just because I love chicken but also because I had to know how differently it is prepared here at Terminus 1 and believe me I was not disappointed, as the salad was flavoured in buttermilk and not mayonnaise (as it is usually done) giving it a delicate flavour that just added to the delicious experience of this food journey.

Irish Coffee - Example of Molecular gastronomy especially the cream toppingAfter some delicious starters it was time to move on to the main course and we were asked to make our own choices and if we miss something that we really need to taste chef Ashish Singh will guide us. However, whatever we chose met the chef’s approval and so we began waiting for the food. We had ordered mutton kosa – tender mutton pieces cooked in delicious gravy served with pao bread and onion rings, Grilled Sole – if you love your steaks then you will surely love grilled sole that has been seasoned with sesame, and peanuts. And I being an ardent fan of chicken had to order Milan’s Farmed chicken and chicken tikka masala – both amazingly delicious and mouth watering.Grilled Sole@Terminus1

And while we savoured our food I gave a look around the decor and found that the interiors have been inspired by stations, airports, and bus terminals among other such destinations from around the world. “We have taken these inputs and added a bit of drama and style,” says chef Ashish Singh.

After the hearty meal it was time to speak with the chef but he insisted that we have our desserts first so we ordered Karachi Halwa brownie cake – a unique and delicious twist to both Karachi halwa and a brownie cake and Sacher Torte – an absolute must for a chocolate lover like me – oodles and oodles of chocolate both inside and outside a really sinful dessert if you must know and taste well it is heavenly but don’t take my word for it and try it yourself.

Well after relishing a hearty meal it was time for some work so I asked the chef to be seated and tell me about the idea behind the name of the place and then the decor and everything else he wanted to share with me. Terminus1 (2)

“When we say terminus the first thing that comes to the mind is a journey and food and travel are related and we wanted to make this place as a food terminus – a place where your food travels from all over the world to reach your plate, says the chef Ashish Singh. “And we have tried to make this Terminus1 (3)place a combination of a station, airport, bus terminal and a taxi stand. When our guests open the menu they feel that they are opening an atlas. There are dishes, drinks, appetizers and cuisines from around the world. Our chefs have made sure each course created has a tasty spin. The portions take into account a thirsty and hungry traveller. And when it comes to the flavours they are so good that guests end up booking a return ticket instantly,” reveals the chef with a pride in his voice.

Further he says that while travelling one discovers different types of dishes on a journey from the modest ISBT Maggi to the never ending half roasted chicken, and at Terminus 1 the menu serves everything a well travelled palate could ask for. “Then there are the fusion dishes, sweet and savoury, served in a way like never before, attempting to mix cultures for good,” adds the chef.

The main idea behind Terminus 1 is the introduction of Molecular gastronomy for the first time in Delhi. Mr Vikrant Batra, Owner – Terminus 1 says, “Serving people with something unique is every restaurateurs ambition, with the sous-vide method of cooking, the food retains most of its nutrient value because of the lesser amount of energy used in preparation. This concept occupies 15% of our menu, a few dishes to set a trend for the future. One of them is our Thai curry mouTerminus1 (4)sse, served in the form of foam, the sous-vide method ensures the meal retains most of its natural juices and flavour.

Terminus 1 gives you an experience without which your journey might feel incomplete so park your life on the global food transit and enjoy the subtle flavours of life.

Basic information

Meal for two: Rs. 1500 inclusive of taxes

Address: Shop No.238, 2nd Floor, Ambience Mall,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070

Contact: 011-40870755/ 56, 9643654033