Exhibition ImagesWhen a business house Raj Group completed their 75 glorious years of successfully meeting and customer requirements, they decided to celebrate their success through a five day long exhibition where they showcased the works done in seven decades. The exhibition covered everything from the journey of one man’s vision to the successful business house it has become today. And then take few of the media persons on the journey of their success through a factory visit in Panipat, Haryana.Exhibition images (1)

The five day long exhibition was just a glimpse of what Raj Group has been doing since past seven decades, as it featured different handloom works in form of wall hangings especially created for the show. There were handlooms and other tools also on the display to give viewers a better understanding of what sort of things are needed to create the masterpieces that have been a signature collection of the group. I must say that while the exhibition showcased the gist of what all goes into building a business house like Raj overseas the factory visit turned out to be an eye opener of sorts for all the hard work that goes into building a business group that is internationally well-acclaimed.

Exhibition images (2)From the moment we arrived to the head office in Panipat where the head of the business group bring their esteemed clients for a dekko to the destination where the factory is located there was a sense of accomplishment written on every face whether it was a guard who assisted us to the main office or the peon who brought out all the carpets and rugs to show us again in the office area. The exhibition showcased just some of the products that the company is proficient in but their head office had numerous other products that you won’t see even at a regular home decor store from floor cushions, to tote bags and from rugs to wall hangings, they had almost everything you can imagine and then some more.IMG_5641 IMG_5683 IMG_5701 IMG_5868

Raj Group believes that a business house can’t succeed just on the shoulders of top management people. According to the visionaries of the group, employees are the backbone of any organisation and if they are not happy, satisfied and well taken care no company can succeed in their ventures. And so when we visited the factory it was a siesta time for the workers, as we reached around 1.30 pm. However, they were all on their feet when we visited them, eager to talk to us and even to showcase us their creations.

The Raj Overseas in these 75 years of its existence has created a name for itself in the market of home decors providing vast range of products including bath mats, carpets, kilims and durries, pillows, poufs and woven rugs among other things to numerous home decor companies in India and abroad.