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Women and shopping have been associated with each other for so long now that the2y are almost inseparable. And if it happens to be a piece of beautifully crafted jewellery then it is really difficult for anybody to stop them. However, these days owing to hectic lifestyle and packed schedules of women has robbed them off the luxury of going to a jewellery store, patiently try each and every piece and then select the one that suits them the best. Right? Yes? No, I would say and tell you my dear readers that you are wrong! You want to know how you are wrong and I am right! Then read on!3

When I got the invite on my mail I wondered what this premium online jewellery store is up to now. Oh yes! It is premium for I don’t think there is any online jewellery store that offers what Carat Lane offers to its customers. As Mithun Sacheti, Co Founder of Carat Lane, and scion of Jaipur Gems, said at the event, “Carat Lane aims to bridge the gap between the jewellery buying generations and bring them closer through the designs that are contemporary in their make but traditional in their appeal. So when you look at our designs you will find a traditional motif being given a contemporary look, which a modern working woman can wear every day.” He also emphasised on the fact that how there is a paradigm shift in jewellery buying experience, as women of today want jewellery that they can wear every day to work, party or play.

3Talking about the impressive history of being the first ones to launch a Try-at home venture, to open a retail stores, 4U0A8546a 4U0A8599aand to offer same day shipping, Sacheti said that now they are ready for the next big step and that is Virtual Try-on App (#Caratlanevirtualtryon App) that allows women to try the jewellery virtually before selecting their favourite piece and ordering it. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.SRM_7103

How to Use the Virtual Try-On App!App_HP_Banner

Here’s a step by step guide to your virtual try-on app.

Go to Google PlayStore and search for #Caratlanevirtualtryon App.

Click on download button to download it on your smartphone, iphone or tablets and ipads.

Once you have downloaded the app, go to the carat lane website and click on virtual try-on app.

Once you have clicked there will appear an oval and you have to adjust your face in that oval.

Move your face first to the left in a slow motion and then to right.

Now you are ready to experience a virtual trying out session so take your time and enjoy and do select some jewellery pieces for yourself this festive season.

For more information on the App logon to Carat Lane website.

So happy trying and while you are at it, don’t forget to check out the Rakhi collection as well. Here’s a sneak Pic.